Stephen’s readings help you:

  • Understand who and where you are
  • Empower your capacity to make real choices and effective decisions
  • Solve personal and relationship problems
  • Plan strategies for business and creative projects
  • Nurture self-knowledge and connection to the world around you.

Individual: Any life issue may be explored with Change. $150

Couples/Relationships (two people): Focuses on resolving feeling and practical conflicts, joint problems, goals, desires and strategies. $225

Group/Business/Organizations: Addresses problem solving within an organizational structure, Strategic planning and staff issues. $225

Facilitators: Provides a situational analysis and diagnosis of a given business or organizational problem, telling you what is going on and how you can successfully intervene. $150

Visualizing and Achieving Goals: Creates an image of your present situation and your desired goal and explores the way to achieve it in a personal, organizational, creative, self-development or relationship context. $150