Beast Face

Numinous Spirit is mysteriously active in all things.

Through this spirit change and transformation can occur

     And the fates of all things come to their perfection.

Look, there is a spirit within your person.

Now it goes, now it comes.

No one can imagine it.

But if you reverently clean its abode

It will come of itself.

You will recover your own true nature,

It will be fixed in you once for all.

Welcome back to Over the last year or so I’ve returned to the Pacific Northwest and its mysterious images, what I consider my creative birthplace. I’ve been working on the Guideways version of Change, which is nearing completion after about 15 years work, and I hope to make it available on the website in the next year or so. I also hope to show you the work, written and visual, that I’ve been doing with what I call the Dream Animals, the animal ancestors  and the Beast Face that make up the old world of  Change.

When I asked Change what the effect of this work would be, on both individuals and culture, I received 1 Inspiring Force and the Dragon, with transforming lines in the 2nd position, the Inner Center, and the 5th position, the Outer Center.


1 Inspiring Force/Dragon Qian 

The Way to the Source is open.

Advantageous to put your ideas to the Trial.

Inspiring Force, the Creator, describes your situation in terms of the primal power of spirit to create and destroy. You are confronted with many obstacles. The way to deal with them is to persist, for you are in contact with fundamental creative energy. Take action. Be dynamic, strong, untiring, tenacious and enduring. Continue on your path and do not be dismayed. Your situation contains great creative potential. It can open up a whole new cycle of time. So ride the power of the dragon and bring the fertilizing rain.


Step 2 Inner Center: This inner re-organization leads to harmony with others.

See the Dragon in the fields!

Advantageous to see the Great People.

Power and virtue is spreading throughout. Creative energy emerges into the lower center. You have the ability to realize things now. Seek those who connect you to the great spirits and trust what is great in yourself.

Guideway (1.2

[13.2 : 7.2] 2.2): People gather in the ancestral hall and are distressed when they confront the ancestral images. Let this distress return you to the Way. Locate yourself in the center of the gathering force and you will receive the King’s mandate. No need to repeat or rehearse things now. Your inner drive is straight, square and great and there is nothing that will not benefit. Have no fear. You are coupled with a creative force. Inner perseverance now lets you find real directions in life.

Bright Omens


Step 5 Outer Center: This inner re-grouping lets your real purpose shine.

Flying Dragon in the Heavens.

Advantageous to see the Great People.

The Great Person is creating. Creative energy appears, bright in the dark night sky. Spread your wings and let your power emerge. You will receive guidance. Seek those who can connect you to what is great. Now is the time to build something enduring.

Guideway (1.5 [14.5 : 8.5] 2.5): The connection to the spirits you make now will carry you through, an awesome presence that impresses others. Be generous in your victory and people will be attracted by your compassion. Even though things may look confusing there are hidden processes at work that open the way to enduring connections. These changes will affect you deeply. Be resolute and part from the past. You are connected with creative force. Inner perseverance now lets you find real directions in life.

The effect described in these two transforming lines suggests that the creative use of the Guideways version of Change can put our inner and outer lives together, and, through this transformation of our Heart-mind, separates us from the collective culture of greed and power that surrounds us.


The surrealist poet Paul Eluard once remarked that there  is certainly another world, but that  other world is certainly in this one. It is the Heart of the World that, through Change and the Inspiring Force of the Dragon, not only within us, but among us, the connecting spaces between us. We can create this world by engaging in what the old sages called the Great Enterprise: raising Change into awareness and setting it out for all the people to use.

Magic Mountain