Navigating the journey of our lives in these troubled times forces us to grapple with the deep process of change, often with unsettling, perplexing or disturbing results. We can participate in this change rather than being its victim through the East’s great wisdom tradition, the I Ching or Classic of Change. I Ching is both an effective problem solver and strategy planner and a deep source of inner wisdom, letting you see how the Way or Dao is working in your life and translating the resulting insights into effective strategies and life changes. You can call on it to help with any problem you encounter. Stephen’s clear and comprehensive professional consultations help you gain your bearings and find the empowering images to chart the next phase of your life in harmony with the overall process of change rather than resisting the inevitable.

31-32 Fixing the Omen

31:32 Fixing the Omen/Sun and Moon shows the process through which spirit enters and influences the human world, offering omens that when given an enduring form help the heart endure on the voyage of life.