Using Change: Nuts and Bolts

Short articles on basic ideas and practices involved in using Change.

Change Operators

Change Operators offer a technique for determining the specific transformative action of the Two Powers in a given situation. They can give us a sense of effective inner and outer strategies and a much clearer understanding of the dynamic of Change.

Consulting Change

Consulting Change: Your entry into the World of Change begins with presenting your problem as a question. This explores how to Establish the Field, Formulate the Question,  enter into an Active Dialogue and the methods of Generating the Lines and Reading the Answers.

Fixing the Omen

Fixing the Omen explores the art of empowering the symbols in our lives that produces a transformation of character.

Ideal and Shadow

Ideal and Shadow shows the origin and use of the Ideal and Shadow that let you grasp the ideal potential of a situation and let go of what is unavailable so that it can manifest synchronistically.

Karmic Nodes

Karmic Nodes are a mysterious but very powerful tool for going into the depths of an individual situation. They can point at knots in the flux of individual experience that contain traumas that can be dissolved or hidden powers that have been hidden or repressed and can be reclaimed.

Pairs and Crossline Omens

Pairs and Crossline Omens: A Pair is a subtle interpretive tool that describes a deep transformation. This shows you the Types of Pairs, the Internal Dynamic and Matrix of the Pair and how it produces the Guideways or Crossline Omens, hidden pathways and images through which transformation can be activated.

Questions and Layouts

Questions and Layouts shows you how to present your problem as a question to Change,  the position of the Inquirer and techniques and layouts using Change to examine personal relationships and search into the meanings of dreams.

The Matrix of Change

The Matrix of Change is a latent network of connections that empower the hexagrams and lines to signify or release meaning when activated by the charge of an inquirer’s question. This explores the multi-dimensional arrangement of lines, trigrams and hexagrams of Change as a process duplicate of a chaos system, a fractal system in which each part contains and replicates the whole.

The Rainmaker

The Rainmaker: The story of the Rainmaker is central to using the Guideways. It offers you a way to understand what you are doing when you enter the inner space of a reading. This story is based on an event experienced by Richard Wilhelm, the first significant translator of the I Ching.

Time Cycles

Time Cycles shows you how to make and use the Time Cycle that lets you see where your situation came from and how it can be developed.

Transformative Potential

Transformative Potential shows you the power of a hexagram to effect global change when its message has been fully taken into awareness.

Voices of the Lines

Voices of the Lines gives you a detailed description of the meanings and dynamics of the six Line Positions in a hexagram and how they can be used in a reading.

What is a Hexagram?

What is a Hexagram? shows you how a hexagram is made, how it works and how it can be seen and used in the various position of the Reading Matrix.

What is a Symbol?

What is a Symbol? Symbols are a kind of imaginative process that is continually producing symbolic awareness. They effect a change in the way we perceive ourselves and our world, putting the two halves of our intelligence, cognitive and imagistic, back together again.  All the parts of Change are symbols, omen animals that store, carry and release the wisdom of the Ancestors.