27 10, 2012

What is Romney hiding?

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In the last episode, we looked at what America is hiding in this election year presided over by the Water Dragon, what that Water Dragon would bring to light in unpredictable and explosive ways. What came out was the Calvinist ethic that has shaped American culture since its beginnings, the ethic of the Elect, those [...]

11 09, 2012

Election Year

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In the Chinese calendar, this is the year of the Water Dragon, an unpredictable and explosive creative force hidden in the dark waters of the Ghost River, the river of souls and of our personal and collective past. This Ghost River is something like what western astrologers call the Twelfth House, a place of prisons, concealment and repression where we store everything we don’t want to know about ourselves and our history. In the year of the Water Dragon, the Ghost River is activated. It’s a time when the hidden comes to light, so expect the unexpected. It’s also election year in the United States and everyone’s complexes are out there running wild. So, in the spirit of the Water Dra and the advent of Living Change, I decided to ask the Change two questions that might give us a bit of insight into the whole electoral circus: What is Romney hiding? What is Obama hiding? But in the course of preparing this blog, Change insisted there was another question that had to be answered first: What is America hiding?

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